Nikon Metrology

3D Engineering Solutions Forms Partnership with Nikon Metrology to Create an Industrial CT Scanning Center of Excellence

3D Engineering Solutions has agreed to form a strategic partnership with Nikon Metrology, Inc to create an industrial CT scanning laboratory and Center of Excellence, to meet the growing need for CT scanning engineering services. 3D Engineering Solutions (3DES), an advanced design engineering and metrology services company in Cincinnati, Ohio is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Nikon Metrology, Inc (NMI) of Brighton, Michigan.[...]

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First teaching laboratory in Denmark with scanning electron microscopes

The new SEM laboratory within Nanoteket at the Technical University of Denmark is populated with five JEOL NeoScopes from Nikon Metrology.

Five Nikon Metrology SEMs will attract hundreds more students every year with the aim of promoting physics and nanotechnology Staff and students at schools and universities throughout Denmark are excited about a new facility housing multiple scanning electron microscopes that has opened within Nanoteket, a nanotechnology teaching laboratory at the Technical Univer[...]

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See what a soccer ball looks like on the inside

Chesapeake Testing

At the occasion of the World Cup Football, Chesapeake Testing takes a peek inside of a soccer ball using their Nikon Metrology CT Scanning system. Also watch: An overview of Chesapeake Testing’s Computed Tomography capabilities [...]

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High voltage CT system advances inspection of automotive turbochargers


Computed Tomography transforms automotive turbocharger R&D at BorgWarner by non-destructively inspecting components and assemblies A microfocus computed tomography (CT) system from Nikon Metrology is being used by BorgWarner Poland to improve research and development of turbochargers for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles. The high power (450 kV[...]

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Laser scanners replace tactile probing for body-in-white inspection at FIAT-TOFAS


Turkish automotive manufacturer FIAT-Tofaş is implementing new inspection methodologies for their diagnostic measurements of sheet metal components and body-in-white (BIW) assemblies. A key element involves the installation of Nikon Metrology XC65Dx-LS Cross Scanners and CAMIO multi-sensor metrology software, which are retrofitted on an existing Hexagon double-arm c[...]

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Nikon Metrology presents NanoFocus X-ray inspection system for the most demanding electronics applications


Nikon Metrology’s latest XT V 160 NF is a high-precision, flat-panel based X-ray inspection system that facilitates real-time imaging and defect analysis of next-generation wafer-level, semiconductor device and PCBA applications. Equipped with an in-house designed X-ray NanoFocus source and high precision manipulator, this industry-leading inspection system offers u[...]

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DS-Ri2 and DS-Qi2, microscopy digital cameras equipped with a Nikon digital SLR camera FX-format CMOS sensor optimized for microscopy

DS-Ri2 and DS-Qi2

Nikon Metrology is pleased to announce the release of digital cameras for microscopes DS-Ri2 and DS-Qi2. These are the first Nikon digital cameras for microscopes in the Digital Sight series equipped with a Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor. They offer 16.25-megapixel high-definition images. The DS-Ri2 provides superior color reproduction and fast frame rates. The monochrom[...]

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High voltage microfocus CT for inspection of dense, complex parts

To prevent X-rays to escape, the enclosure is shielded with lead, making it a 14ton system

By now most of us in the metrology world have seen beautifully rendered images from Computed Tomography (CT) data. We see images of bones, fossils, dinosaurs, teeth, and of archaeological treasures, and hear about various universities that use CT systems. But perhaps we are left wondering, is this a viable inspection tool in terms of capabilities and cost, or is it ju[...]

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Laser Radar for automated inline inspection


Today’s inspection methods during automotive assembly It is important for automotive assembly plants to continuously monitor process quality during the manufacturing process. Locations of holes, slots, studs, welding lines and other features need to be measured on the vehicles in Body in White (BI W) assembly. Also, flush & gap for door or hinge lines need in-d[...]

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