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Adam Savage’s Maker Tour – Featuring the XT H 160 CT system

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In this video, watch Adam Savage encounter the Nikon XT H 160 on his tour through The Centre for Bits and Atoms at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Adam Savage, formerly of The Discovery Channel’s MythBusters television show takes a look into the history, and the future of manufacturing. In this episode of Adam Savage’s Maker Tour, he visits the media lab at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). At MIT, the first computer controlled milling machine was developed in 1952 and the invention of several modern day 3D printers for additive manufacturing took place. However, in its Centre for Bits and Atoms, Adam meets the people who are developing the future of biological manufacturing. In his words, “machines that can make machines, that can make machines”.

Neil Gershenfeld, the Director of The Centre for Bits and Atoms gives us a tour through the nano, micro, meso and macro levels of analysis. In this first part below, Neil demonstrates a variety of equipment, including the Nikon XT H 160. Neil refers to the XT H 160 as “possibly our favourite tool” before demonstrating its power.

Watch the full video below, or skip forward to see the appearance of the XT H 160 at 6 minutes 48 seconds…





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