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Advances in Laser-Scanning Technology

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Learn how the latest laser scanning devices and software offer a number of advantages for inspection and reverse engineering.

Article From: Modern Machine Shop, Derek Korn, Senior Editor

Alex Lucas, business development manager/scanning products for Nikon Metrology, notes that every manufactured part presents its own flavor of inspection or reverse-engineering challenges. There could be a combination of planar and freeform surfaces, intricate radii, highly reflective surfaces or complex features such as those found in castings and dies. Inspection tasks might include comparing scanned point clouds to CAD models, updating designs, creating CAD models for reverse-engineering or rapid-prototyping tasks and so on.

Such complex measurement applications are leading an increasing number of manufacturers to consider retrofitting CMMs and articulated measuring arms with flexible new laser scanning technology. Mr. Lucas says the latest laser scanning devices and software provide the following advantages:

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