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Ask our experts – The JCM-7000 SEM edition

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Nikon Metrology’s European Partnership with JEOL has been established for over 10 years & together we have formed a strong relationship resulting in the NeoScope being sold & supported fully by Nikon Metrology in Europe.


JEOL’s NeoScope JCM-7000 Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is the next-generation of SEM and is taking the European market by storm. We hear from the UK’s JEOL expert, David Hemingway, on his experience of working with JEOL’s NeoScope and how the new JCM-7000 is a game changer for all industries.


1) How long has Nikon Metrology been involved with supporting JEOL & their Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) range in Europe?

 Nikon started working with JEOL for the NeoScope in Europe in 2008, and this continues to this day after the formation of Nikon Metrology Europe in 2010. The first model we began working with was the JEOL NeoScope JCM-5000. We continue to work closely with JEOL Europe and remain entirely responsible for the marketing, sales, distribution, installation and maintenance support of our customers and all the installed NeoScope systems.


2) What improvements have been made to the JCM-7000 compared to earlier models?

JEOL have consistently developed the NeoScope Benchtop SEM range as technology and customer requirements have evolved with software upgrades and re-designs.

The JCM7000 represents a step change in the SEM benchtop offering with the following new features:

The JCM-7000’s larger sample chamber

  • Larger sample chamber for faster evacuation
  • Zeromag software:- easy transition from optical to SEM image
  • Smile View MAP software environment: – simple report creation and data management
  • Live Element Detection overlaid onto the live image
  • Live 3D image display alongside EM image
  • Full auto & manual capabilities for focus/stigmation and contrast balance capabilities allow both the experienced and inexperienced user, to get an excellent SEM image within minutes of sample being placed in chamber.
  • New “easy to use” software interface operated by both touch screen or mouse control
  • EDS software interface is fully embedded in the main NeoScope control GUI
  • Three vacuum states are available, high, low and charge free modes
  • Simultaneous images from the detectors can be observed side by side or as an overlay view
  • SNS optional stage control to enable mosaic image capture as well as extended Element Detection System (EDS) area data collection


3) What are the purposes of a benchtop SEM compared to a traditional SEM?

Compact footprint of the Benchtop JCM-7000 SEM Unit

We see benchtop SEM’s used in a number of applications and circumstances. Generally, we see the utilisation of a benchtop SEM where: –

  • Typical specimen size is at a maximum of 80mm diameter x 50mm high, and so the environment and detectors within benchtop SEM are appropriate for the imaging and analysis required.
  • A customer wants a local capability for inspection or screening samples rather than hiring time on a remote SEM facility. This saves time and allows the most rapid feedback to support important decision making.
  • University research facilities benefit from a local benchtop capability, independent from a traditional SEM.
  • Companies where inspection and analysis are part of intellectual property of product being manufactured, so observation and analysis work needs to be completed fully on-site.


4) What sectors & industries benefit from using the JCM-7000?

Nikon Metrology presents the JCM-7000 for applications in all market places or application within Europe, therefore we can offer solution into for example Materials Science industrial, or applications whether it be Metallurgical, Pharmaceutical, Biological, Electronic or Geological.

Customers can feel free to contact us about any requirement they may have where a Scanning Electron Microscope for imaging or Element Detection System for chemical analysis may help.


5) How does the JEOL JCM-7000 compare to other market competitors?

The JCM-7000 and its new features place the JEOL system at the pinnacle of benchtop SEM capability, retaining a reliable and value for money proposition for the customer.

Nikon Metrology are your “one stop shop” for purchase, maintenance and support for your JCM-7000 NeoScope.


6) As a Nikon Metrology specialist for the SEM range, what is your favourite feature of the “JEOL” & why?

For me, the ease of use of the JCM-7000 is its greatest feature. I take great delight in being able to bring the JCM-7000 machine to a customer site, unload my car, set it up and be ready to run samples within 30-40 minutes!

Then the user friendliness of the system takes over and I can illustrate that even the most inexperienced user can be getting great SEM images within minutes of been introduced to the device.

It is great to see the capabilities of the system amaze even an experienced, traditional SEM user. I see them quickly be able to manipulate samples creating images that may often be seen as comparable with images from much more sophisticated systems.


If you would like any further information or to request a free demonstration on the NeoScope JCM-7000 SEM,
please register your interest & our team of experts will contact you regarding your requirements.