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Ask our experts – The NEXIV edition

Video & Microscope Measuring

The NEXIV product range offers a fully automated quick, accurate and repeatable measurement solution, in an extremely strong machine. Primarily the NEXIV works as a non-contact system using Nikon’s excellent zoom optics together with a camera and automated edge detection software algorithms.

We spoke to our Nikon NEXIV expert Paul Gough about his experience of working with the NEXIV range for over 13 years.


As a Nikon Metrology expert for the NEXIV, what is your favourite feature of the Nikon NEXIV & why?

My favourite feature about the machine which I really, really like… The WOW factor is the reliability. The NEXIV comes straight out of the box, it works & it keeps working, to me that is the most important thing. I can sell a system to a customer & I have no fear of a customer calling me back to say they are having issues. I have complete confidence in our product. It is a product I believe in; it is a product which I am proud to sell.

There are lots of little features I love, such as the extended depth of field (EDF) stitching & image grabbing – but the real important one is the fact that the product is so well built which results in a low long term cost of ownership.

The other thing I like is; we do not tie people up with a maintenance contract for NEXIV. Our helpdesk is not forced upon you but is always available to a customer in need.


What has kept you working for Nikon Metrology over the past 13 years?

Firstly, Nikon is a great company to work for, they look after people. They have a very positive attitude to their employees it is fantastic and uplifting.

For me to stay here for over 13 years it is all about enjoying the job. The part of my job which gives me the most satisfaction is being able to resolve a customer’s problem with our solution, that is what really gets me out of bed in the morning.


What is Nikon NEXIV, how is it changing the way we measure?

In a nut shell, NEXIV is an automated measurement solution. The NEXIV solution improves throughput speed which in turn reduces overall costs & reduces operator error as everything is automated. Unlike people the NEXIV does not suffer with hangovers, tiredness or having a bad day, it is always precise.

NEXIV is changing the way we measure by delivering key benefits to customers by reducing costs, providing a quick set of results, being so reliable and highlighting problems much sooner than a manual device.

NEXIV can also help boost contract work by providing accurate results for your business time after time. Your customers will see the automated NEXIV systems in place which gives them more confidence, they see your company is taking quality seriously.


What sectors & industries benefit from using a Nikon NEXIV?

Anyone! Absolutely anyone can buy this product for their sector. The sectors can range by all sorts; including major industries like automotive, aerospace, semi-conductor, electronics & medical. There is no real criteria as to who will benefit, NEXIV is suitable for any industry where they want quicker throughput & more reliable data.

Also, with an automated machine in place there is the reduction in labour costs. Which can result in the operator’s expertise being utilised in different & more beneficial areas to your business.


How do the Nikon NEXIV models differ & what does each model uniquely offer for the customer?

The VMA iNEXIV range is our general purpose machine shall we say. The machine also has the capabilities of carrying the touch probe, so in turn really opens up the functionality of the machine into a small bench top CMM.

We then move onto the VMZ range. These models have increased accuracy, higher magnification capabilities and offer a ‘through the lens’ scanning laser as standard, a functionality that can be used for surface profiles for example. The VMZ range has more advanced lighting (so a much larger ring light) which intensifies the machine as the ring light does not only work in one position, the light also moves up & down enhancing edges which you could not usually see with a standard ring light.

Another nicety of the lens scanning laser is the dual sensor, perfect for using on a transparent coated surface. When using only one laser this will either be on top or go through & hit the sub straight. Using dual optics, you have the option to go for top surface or sub straight & be able to look at the thickness of the translucent surface, which is ideal for electronic industries.

One of the key machines for me is the VMZ-TZ. The model offers dual optics at a very high magnification. Because of these optics we can see results which you would never see without magnifying. The fact that people talk about 1-micron, what is 1-micron? Well you can actually see it with this machine! Because of these wonderful optics, the model is well suited for the semi-conductor industry.

The H model is for those looking for a very high accuracy machine – this model is the ultimate in accuracy.

Apart from our fantastic NEXIV products, it is our (Nikon’s) experience in metrology which makes us stand out from the crowd. I have too many years behind me now (40 years to be almost exact) in metrology & manufacturing. My advice is always free & as explained; I am passionate about these machines – I am proud of them.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with Paul & take the first step on your NEXIV journey, please Register Your Interest