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Automated in-line CT – Ready for production

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Production-ready industrial CT ensures the fastest insight into product quality, watch the video below…



In-line CT inspection

100% part inspection

The in-line CT inspection system is a solution for fully automated production environments where critical parts with complex internal geometries or material structures need to be inspected. As such, this is the ideal inspection solution for companies that implement “Industry 4.0” methodology on the shop floor.

The complete CT inspection process is automated and requires no user input; part identification codes are scanned and handled through the database. Robots also load/unload from conveyors and position parts in the CT system via an automated door. The part is then automatically scanned, analyzed and sentenced according to the database.

The entire process can be complete in under a minute, with the possibility to scan multiple parts at once to further increase takt-time. For longer takt-times, scanning and analysis of parts can occur simultaneously.


The benefits of automated CT

Improved quality control

  • 100% inspection
  • Rapid detection and feedback of process variation
  • Eliminates operator influence on metrology

Increased efficiency

  • Control and optimize production in real-time
  • Eliminates transporting parts to and from the measurement room
  • Maintain the continuous flow of production

Complete traceability

  • Central database with all manufacturing information
  • Store inspection results for every manufactured part


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