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Better insights, earlier with 3D laser scanning

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Whatever the product, be it a car, hand drill or mobile phone, customers expect its tightly-toleranced parts to fit together and function perfectly and at the same time be of high quality and attractive design. But how do manufacturers ensure this level of precision without delaying the development and launch of the product? 


Better insights, earlier.

Maunfacturers launch products faster with 3D laser scanning. To find out more, download the article below.



The answer is to digitise the 3D shape and features of the prototypes with a non-contact laser scanner mounted on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or articulated arm and compare the results to the original CAD designs. It is much faster to inspect a part this way than to use a touch probe to take discrete measurements. With tens of thousands of points per second being captured by the laser and added to the point cloud, a complete inspection cycle is often between five and 10 times faster than tactile probing.

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Benefits of 3D Laser scanning

  • Laser scanning provides highly effective inspection
  • Keeping down costs
  • Better insight enables quicker decision-making
  • Challenging surfaces scanned easily
  • Non-contact ideal for fragile or flexible surfaces
  • Automation-ready for production environments

Discover how laser scanning provides time and cost advantages in production engineering and how manufacturers can benefit from better insights, earlier…