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Computed Tomography depicts the evolution of electric light bulbs

Computed tomography

This stunning X-ray image depicts the evolution of electric light bulbs. From left to right: an Edison-style incandescent light bulb, a fluorescent light bulb and a light-emitting-diode (LED) bulb. This picture recently was awarded with the 3rd place in the “2015 After Image photo contest organized by OSA’s Optics & Photonics News”.

The Nikon Metrology XT H 225 Computed Tomography (CT) system used boasts a wide range of applications from quality control and failure analysis to material research. The powerful micro-focus X-ray source and high imaging resolution are just a few of its benefits. To find out more about our CT inspection range, click here.

The Evolution Of Electric Light Bulbs with X-ray CT computed tomography

CT image by Herminso Villarraga-Gómez Nikon Metrology, USA


Follow the link to see how “The Evolution of The Electric Light Bulb” image fared in the 2015 photo contest of OSA’s Optics & Photonics News, amongst other great contenders.