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At Control 2019, Nikon introduced the theme ‘Rethink shop floor processes with Quality 4.0’. On the booth, Nikon exhibited the full portfolio of shop floor inspection solutions, including the Laser Radar and Large Envelope CT systems.



This year Nikon’s booth switched from black to a white, light design with welcoming open spaces for visitors to easily access. The main design element was a large screen that could be seen from afar with a vast Nikon logo and a video demonstration of Nikon’s lineup. The main attractions included the Laser Radar body-in-white demonstration, as well as the M2 Large Envelope CT system with a range of compatible sources. The JEOL NeoScope also garnered a lot of attention, as did the range of microscopes, NEXIV systems and laser scanners. Nikon also hosted a VolumeGraphics Tech Talk on the CT side of the booth, with other presentations ongoing throughout the week.

Laser Radar Product Manager Paul Lightowler speaks at Control 2019.

Laser Radar Product Manager Paul Lightowler speaks at Control 2019.

At the show, Laser Radar Product Manager Paul Lightowler presented the paradigm shift in BIW inspection that the Nikon Laser Radar enables. He explained how the Laser Radar allows manufacturers to move from failure focused inspection to a quality inspection that manages and drives the manufacturing processes. This is especially valuable in car plants, where the increase in quality and repeatability is effective in production, prototyping and ramp-up phases, ultimately leading to a much shorter time-to-market for a new vehicle.

Nikon Laser Radar technology also recently featured in BMW’s measurement room of the future, read more here.

Watch the Shop Floor Inspection video from Control 2019 and listen to Paul Lightowler speak about the Laser Radar here.



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