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EPIC installs Nikon’s industry leading inspection equipment


EPIC – Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre, based in Torbay, Devon (UK) installs JEOL Benchtop SEM, SMZ745T, and ECLIPSE LV100ND to serve local microelectronics and photonics industries.


Nikon inspection equipment installed at EPIC.

Nikon Metrology inspection equipment installed at EPIC, including JEOL Benchtop SEM, SMZ745T, and ECLIPSE LV100ND.


EPIC is a brand-new innovation centre built and funded to support the needs of the local tech cluster. It provides businesses in the area a venue to partially or fully relocate in a modern, purpose-built centre, with state-of-the-art facilities and access to the latest, top of the range inspection equipment.

The centre has 27 modern offices, 13 dry laboratories, a classified cleanroom and a Prototyping Suite at the disposal of the technology companies in the area. Previously, local businesses would need to travel to Plymouth (45 minutes) to access the facilities at Microscopy Centre at the University of Plymouth.

EPIC wanted to serve the local community by making these state-of-the-art systems available and readily accessible to the area’s technology hub. The JEOL benchtop SEM in particular is a popular tool with wide range of applications. The installation at EPIC provides convenient local access to the flexible and powerful scanning electron microscope. Nikon Metrology offered a range of industry leading products alongside the JEOL benchtop SEM, including the SMZ745T and ECLIPSE LV100ND to EPIC, to provide for the local microelectronics and photonics industries. In return, Nikon has access to the centre for showcasing this line of 2D equipment to new clients.



The Nikon brand was a key factor in our decision process. Having Nikon associated with EPIC is expected to raise the profile of the centre.”

Wayne Loschi – EPIC Centre Director.



Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre, White Rock Business Park, Waddeton Close, Paignton, Devon. TQ4 7RZ.

It was important that EPIC installed market leading products in line with the technology and capability requirements of the local businesses. Wayne Loschi, EPIC Centre Director states “The Nikon brand was a key factor in our decision process. Having Nikon associated with EPIC is expected to raise the profile of the centre”.

Spencer Smith, Microscopy Sales Manager at Nikon Metrology UK also commented. “It’s great that the centre is accessible to Nikon Metrology and available for demonstrations, we’re looking forward to supporting the centre and local businesses in the area”.

Nikon Metrology is extremely happy that EPIC selected Nikon as its partner to bring the latest in desktop scanning electron microscopy, metallurgical microscopy and stereo microscopy to Devon, to support the growing tech cluster in the area.



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