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Extended ALTERA CMM range offers improved performance and larger sizes

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Nikon Metrology has extended its ceramic bridge CMM range with high accuracy ALTERA+ and larger size ALTERA models. Thanks to the use of advanced materials and optimized designs, ALTERA provides high performance and superior accuracy across a host of metrology applications, including harsh shop floor environments. Probing support is extended with REVO 5-axis scanning technology to dramatically improve CMM productivity for complex tactile inspection applications. Uniquely in this market, ALTERA is delivered with a manufacturer’s 10 year accuracy guarantee for extra customer satisfaction.

What does the new, extended ALTERA range offer?

  • Advanced design and superior materials for maximum performance in any application
  • Multi-sensor technology for the broadest range of metrology applications
  • Ready for shop floor use
  • Unique accuracy guarantee – Nikon Metrology are the only manufacturer to guarantee the accuracy of their CMMs for 10 years


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