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Faurecia uses LC50 scanner for improving the manifold inspection process

Faurecia Torsas in Sweden designs and develops various types of exhausts and manifolds for different OEM car manufacturers such as PSA, Renault, Volkswagen, Ford, Volvo etc. As the OEM’s only accept top quality products, Faurecia decided to invest in a CMM based laser scanner to improve the inspection and reverse engineering of the manufacturing tools and to verify the crucial properties of manifolds such as wall thickness and weld quality.  

Manifolds are manufactured by welding two stamped sheet metal plates together. A first challenge is to achieve a better tool design for the stamping process. Due to the spring back effect after stamping the plates, the stamping tool often needs to be adapted. When a tool is finally optimized to have the correct stamping, the tool differs from the initial CAD model.
A second challenge is to gain control on the wall thickness that is originally modeled to be 2mm. Due to the stamping process the final wall thickness can vary from 1.8mm to 2.2mm. As this has an important effect on the lifespan and sound quality, it is crucial to gain control on the final wall thickness of the manifold.

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