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How does Nikon support people’s everyday lives, by developing cutting-edge technologies, expanding future possibilities? As Nikon’s 100th anniversary approaches, find out here how Nikon will continue to expand as it moves into its second century in the latest company profile video. Click on the image below to go to the Nikon Movie Theatre.

Nikon Company Profile video

To celebrate its fast approaching 100th anniversary, Nikon has released a new company profile video to demonstrate just how far it has come and what can be expected in the future. Nikon has been helping society grow and flourish since its inception in 1917. The company now contributes in diverse areas such as the digital society, imaging culture, R&D activities, industry and the medical field. This video showcases the development of cutting-edge technologies in a variety of fields, which have become indispensable in lifestyle today.

To find out more about the high-quality products Nikon has developed using innovative, unique technologies, head over to the Nikon website or Nikon Metrology website to find out more.