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Higher resolution & faster: X.Tend your CT scanning capability

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Nikon Metrology introduces Inspect-X 5.1, the latest release of the acquisition and control software for Nikon Metrology’s range of X-ray and CT systems. With 5.1, Inspect-X now features X.Tend; a new CT acquisition method that enables users to scan taller samples with improved image quality. Accompanying the Inspect-X 5.1 release is the introduction of new, high performance, reconstruction workstations that provide world leading reconstruction times.

X.Tend doubles the speed of the CT process for taller samples.

XTend - X-ray CT scanning

Scanning tall parts often causes a dilemma: scan the full part with lower magnification or scan sections of the sample at high resolution and stitch them back together with analysis software. In the first case, you will have lower resolution, losing some detail in the data, and in the latter it will take much longer to scan, reconstruct and stitch back together; with visible stitching artefacts in the final data. In comparison to conventional circular CT scanning, X.Tend is a new acquisition method that allows customers to extend the height of their CT scan by moving the tall sample up through the X-ray cone-beam as the sample rotates. X.Tend eliminates the need to have partial scans of a sample that are stitched back together afterwards. Also, where in circular scans the sample needs to be tilted to minimize cone beam effects, the sample can simply stand upright on the turntable with X.Tend, which makes the parts much easier to mount. Globally, X.Tendhalves the total sample measuring and processing time, while providing better image quality.

Standard circular scan
Stitched circular scan
X.Tend scan
Fig a: Standard circular scan
 at low magnification
results in low resolution
Fig b : 6 stitched circular scans
at high resolution
 causes stitch artefacts
Fig c: X.Tend scan
at high resolution
 is fast without artefacts


A better insight with improved image quality

X.Tend improves the image quality of CT scans by removing cone beam artefacts, ring artefacts and stitching artefacts, all of which would be present during a circular scan. X.Tend also enables the user to scan a part close to the X-ray source, resulting in higher resolution voxel size. The new X.Tend technique results in clearer, easy-to-interpret images and leaves no doubt in defect recognition, ultimately leading to faster decision making or corrective actions.

The latest computing technology and enhanced capabilities

Nikon Metrology also introduces new reconstruction workstations with completely new architecture, redesigned to exceed the performance requirements of modern X-ray CT. Five configurations of workstations allow Nikon Metrology to deliver the latest computing technologies within our customers’ budget and requirements, whilst maintaining our world-class reconstruction speeds.