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Webinar Thu, Aug 18, 2016 17:00 CET– HN-C3030: Introducing the new high accuracy, high speed non-contact 3D gear measuring system

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HN-C3030 product

The new non-contact 3D gear measuring system: HN-C3030

Don’t miss the webinar introducing the HN-C3030, the high-accuracy, high speed, non-contact 3D gear measuring system taking place on August 18th 2016 by registering here.

Gears are typically measured with contact scanning probes on either a dedicated gear measurement machine or on a 4-axis Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM).

Until now! Nikon metrology has recently released the HN-C3030. A 5-axis, laser scanning, gear measurement machine. The HN-C3030 allows full measurement of teeth at much higher speeds than traditional gear measurement machines whilst retaining high levels accuracy. This full tooth measurement shows additional defects on the teeth, like cutter marks, that cannot be detected by contact probes and can lead to vibration, excess noise and wear.

Find out more about the new HN-C3030 by clicking here.