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Get the insight inside with CT inspection for automotive OEMs

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With shorter lead times and constant cost pressures, OEMs are adopting CT inspection to analyse internal structures without the disassembling of countless prototypes.


CT inspection of metal casting.


Today’s automotive OEMs and suppliers face ever shortening lead times for introducing new products at a lower cost. Consequently, fewer prototype iterations are required and destructive testing is no longer wanted. Tactile probing and laser scanning is well suited to external inspections, but CT inspection makes analysing internal structure and dimensions just as straightforward. No need for disassembly or destruction of expensive prototypes and other materials, CT introduces faster problem solving and more effective decision making with micron-level accuracy and high-resolution images.

To guarantee absolute confidence in component quality, CT is the ‘go-to’ tool for quality assurance labs around the world. The infinitely flexible technology is used for first article inspection, troubleshooting or as a wholly automated inspection system, providing the foundations on which the quality control process can be built. From castings, impellers and composites, to plastics, electronics and additive manufactured (AM) parts, CT provides the inside insight.

Download and read the full article here to see what Nikon Metrology CT offers, and why automotive OEMs are using it as the go-to quality assurance method.

This article was also recently published by AMS in its ATS (Automotive Tier Supplier) 2017 Magazine and can be found here.



Nikon Metrology CT: 30 years of expertise

A legacy of more than 30 years, Nikon Metrology’s X-ray and CT portfolio originates from the UK based X-Tek Systems, with an extensive installation base of thousands of inspection systems worldwide. CT specialists in Tring, UK, develop and manufacture small to large walk-in room systems to accommodate different sizes of samples. All incorporate proprietary microfocus X-ray sources and high resolution imagers. To find out more, click here.

If you are a manufacturer of components or assemblies incorporating plastics, metals, ceramics, electronic components or any combination of these, Nikon Metrology has in-house inspection centers to perform contract X-ray and CT inspection services for new or existing clients. To enquire about contract CT services, click here.



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