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Webinar – Insight into the inside with microfocus computed tomography – 27/10/2016

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Join us for a webinar that explains how Nikon Metrology X-ray and CT solutions can also help you to refine your prototyping and manufacturing processes. Beside explaining how CT technology can be used to inspect automotive components, we will also introduce latest developments and advantages of CT automation, configurable CT systems and new scanning methods.

October 27th 2016, 16:00 CEST – 15:00 BST – 09:00 CDT – 10:00 EDT

As automotive manufacturers and suppliers continue to produce components with more intricate structures it proves impossible to inspect them comprehensively with standard surface measurement. Yet the crucial task to verify the structure and dimensions remains.

In this webinar, we look at solutions provided by microfocus computed tomography (CT) such as: non-destructive inspection, full 3D internal and external visualisation, micron accuracy and structural integrity.

We’ll outline how X-ray and CT solutions can help to refine prototyping or manufacturing processes and explore the advantages of high flux microfocus X-ray sources, CT automation and configurable CT systems.

The webinar will be presented by Andrew Ramsey, the senior CT specialist in the X-ray Centre-of-Excellence of Nikon Metrology. A Cambridge graduate, Andrew has experience with X-ray and CT technology through X-Tek Systems Ltd, part of the Nikon group. Andrew has an excellent knowledge of how CT is applied in solving product quality issues.





Nikon Metrology microfocus CT solution provides:

– Non-destructive inspection
– Full 3D internal / external visualization
– Micron accuracy
– Insight into structural integrity
– Internal/External dimensioning

This saves money on prototype design iteration, accelerates product-to-market and provides complete data. And inspected parts can be used in production or re-used for further analysis.

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