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WATCH: CMM-Manager with MM-800 and iNEXIV on Quality Digest Live

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Nate Frost – Product Manager Application Software at Nikon Metrology – recently appeared in the TechCorner on Quality Digest Live. On the show, Nate demonstrates the MM-800 and iNEXIV VMA both running the CMM-Manager software. Watch the video below to find out more:




CMM-Manager now has a dedicated LinkedIn page for people to dicsuss applications and follow the latest news. Follow the page here.



CMM-Manager offers full 3D CAD environment for visualization during initial and repeat measurements. Easily analyze and share measurement results, and provide a whole new insight into manual optical measurements. Get the most out of Nikon Measuring Microscopes with CMM-Manager software and perform tasks that cannot be done with traditional add-on Measurement Processors or Digital Readouts.

Find out more about the latest CMM-Manager release (version 3.9) here.

Import CAD

  • DXF
  • Native CAD Formats

Save measurement results electronically

  • PDF
  • MS Excel
  • CSV

Rich, Easy-to-read Reports

  • Compare Measurements to Nominal CAD
  • Overlay CAD and Camera Image
  • Annotate Measured Features and Results

Image Processing

  • Edge Detection
  • Pattern Recognition

Teach and Repeat Programming

  • Compass guides user to next measurement
  • Interact with real 3D graphics
  • User Prompts with text and images

Built-In VBScript

  • Advanced Program Flow Control
  • Expand built-in software capabilities


Find out more about the MM-800

Find out more about iNEXIV



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