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Multi-sensor inspection with video and laser scanning

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CMM-Manager for NEXIV expands the capabilities of multi-sensor measurement. 

CMM-Manager is task-oriented, highly intuitive and offers powerful measuring and reporting capabilities. Main features are collision-free CAD-based path definition, virtual path simulation and accurate feature measurement for both tactile and vision probing.

Multi-sensor nexiv scans Nikon lens cap


Multi-sensor 3D CAD collision-free measurement

CMM-Manager integrates vision measuring, auto-focus laser scanning, touch probing and rotary indexing to provide a true 3D multi-sensor system for inspecting physical products based on CAD models.


  • Intuitive task oriented, user-friendly interface
  • Easy drag and drop program structure
  • Powerful CAD based alignment, programming, measurement & reporting
  • Flexible unified CMM, arm & vision software
  • True 3D multi-sensor measurement with vision, laser and tactile

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Many metrology laboratories have an extensive set of equipment and have a need for a unified software. CMM-Manager is now available for NEXIV equipment, but can also be used on articulated arms, manual and CNC CMMs. This multi-platform use facilitates operator training, data exchange and software support.

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