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NEW RELEASE: CMM-Manager 3.6

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Nikon Metrology announces the release of version 3.6 of CMM-manager, the task-oriented, highly intuitive metrology software for manual, CNC, portable CMMs and video multi-sensor systems.


CMM-Manager 3.6 screenshot

CMM-Manager 3.6 – Main graphics alongside graphical report

A range of new features and functions makes CMM-Manager 3.6 highly intuitive and easy-to-use:

  • Excel 2016 report output
  • CAD synchronization indicator in status bar
  • Left hand helix gear support
  • Multi-copy option added to Transform
  • New datum alignment report output
  • Path planning enhancements
  • iNexiv integration

Specialized functionality for ease-of-use

This release includes specialized vision inspection functions such as Multi-Point Surface Autofocus, Unknown Edge Tracing, Pattern Search, all within a more tightly integrated user interface.  All vision tools are immediately available in the UI allowing easier program creation and editing. CMM-Manager 3.6 also includes enhancements for general users such as CAD Synchronization Indicator, Excel 2016 Report Output, Left-Hand Helix Gear Measurement, and updated InterOp R26 Native CAD import.

Save time with new Multi-Copy function

Path Planning improvements include better PH20 Reachability, SP25 Range Adjust, and new Multi-Copy function that allows making multiple copies of features with angular or linear offset – good for quickly programming large patterns of similar features.

To download the new CMM-Manager 3.6, click here.

You can also claim a 30 day free trial of the Nikon CMM-manager here.