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NEW: CMM-Manager 3.8 for CMM, portable measuring and iNEXIV video systems

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Nikon Metrology, market leader in optical measurement systems, releases CMM-Manager version 3.8. This latest release includes support for Nikon NEXIV VMZ-R, new Microsoft VBScript engine, several vision measurement enhancements, continued I++ enhancements including support for latest Renishaw UCC Server, new Alignment operations, and 64-bit build of CMM-Manager application.


Screenshot of CMM-Manager 3.8 on Nikon Nexiv VMZ-R.


Nikon Nexiv VMZ-R

  • Supports Nikon NEXIV VMZ-R video measuring systems in addition to iNEXIV VMA
  • Unified CAD capable software for CMMs, portable arms, and Nikon video measurement systems
  • Supported hardware configurations:
    • Type 1, 2 & 3 optics
    • VGA & XGA sensor
    • TTL scanning Laser
    • Movable dual segmented ring light
    • Stage size from 30cm x 20cm to 65cm x 55cm

I++ DME / UCC Server

  • Added support for Renishaw UCC Suite / Server version 5.4
  • Deva Camera fully supported with I++ / UCC Controller
  • Improved I++ Sync for DCC CMM with Manual Probe
  • Star Probe Configuration matches UCC Server convention

Microsoft Active Scripting VBScript Engine

  • Replaced Cypress Enable VBScript Engine with modern Microsoft Active Scripting Engine
  • Add custom functionality to CMM-Manager program
  • Easy to use industry standardized Scripting Engine

Vision Measurement

  • Pattern Recognition with 360° rotation
    • Search for Trained Images using Pattern Recognition including full 360° rotation
    • Locate measurement work-piece with less concern of physical part rotation and position
  • Calibrate and automatically adjust lighting intensity
    • Yields consistent edge threshold amongst several video measurement systems
  • Automatically skip individual measurements if edge judgement or pattern recognition fails
    • Capture failed measurement as .PNG image
  • Collect Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) and Stitched images for use in Nikon Imaging Express
  • Quick access to Vision and Laser AF settings by new Ribbon Tab button
  • Resizable Live Video Window
    • Enables further customization of UI Layout allowing for display of large format sensors on single PC monitor or expanded view on secondary monitor


Read the full press release here.

The latest version: CMM-Manager 3.8, can be downloaded here.

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