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Nikon Metrology Newsmagazine Volume 8 is available!

CMM Laser Scanning, Coordinate Measuring Machines, Metrology CT, Nikon Metrology, Software, X-ray and CT Inspection

Nikon Metrology News Volume 8The new issue of the Nikon Metrology Newsmagazine (Volume 8) is online available on the Nikon Metrology website. The “free” Newsmagazine is packed with application cases and new product features on CMMs, laser scanning, X-ray and CT, microscopes and many more.


  • Glass moulds produced faster and less expensively using modern multi-sensor metrology
  • Automated Nikon photo-microscope supports world-leading rock analysis
  • University of Leuven applies metrology CT to research geometrical accuracy of inner  and outer features of industrial component
  • ALTERA bridge CMMs : Excellence, now and in the future
  • CAMIO8 : Better insights and more productivity
  • Laser scanning opens new business opportunities at diecasting company
  • New VMZ-R series CNC Video Measuring Systems
  • Scanning electron microscope supports development of next-generation ceramics
  • SMZ25 & SMZ18: A giant step forward for stereo microscopy
  • Rapid Manufacturing bureau advances tool creation using 3D laser scanning