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NEXIV reseller application session October 2018

Automation, Software, Vision Systems, VMA, VMZ System

The NEXIV reseller application session was held at the Nikon Metrology facility in Leuven, Belgium. The briefing covered topics including AutoMeasure, AutoMeasure Eyes and CMM-Manager 3.8 software updates, as well as VMA and VMZ-R automation, new application examples and various other measuring demonstrations.



At Nikon Metrology Belgium, October 10th – 11th 2018, resellers and application engineers explored the latest system updates for Nikon’s NEXIV range of video measuring systems. Topics from customer applications, automation possibilities to the latest product release, the VMZ-H3030 were all discussed.

CMM-Manager software Product Manager, Nathan Frost demonstrated QR code based inspection for significant time savings, and increased productivity. This is an extremely useful development, especially for medical companies, where unique products are often etched with identification numbers or codes. Learn more about CMM-Manager for iNEXIV.

The NEXIV VMZ-H3030 was also introduced to the audience. The new system offers the highest precision in the NEXIV range as well as advanced usability and increased performance. This latest addition to the NEXIV series was released on October 1st 2018.  Find out more about the VMZ-H3030 here.

This application session was an important event for all to engage in open discussions about the increase of programming efficiency and establishing integrated solutions that meet the needs of customers. With AutoMeasure Eyes – the latest imaging software for iNEXIV VMA CNC Video Measuring Systems – it enables easy operation for anyone, and measurement programs can be created with just a few clicks. The latest software automation features and integration solutions demonstrate the importance of Quality 4.0, and how the NEXIV range can be seamlessly integrated with digital and automated smart inspection.

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