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QMT cover story – Next-generation shop floor CMM accelerates body-in-white inspection

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Nikon Metrology introduces the next-generation shop floor CMM

There  is  an  increasing  importance  for  automotive assembly  plants  to  continuously  monitor  process quality throughout the production process. This need is  driven  by  OEMs  pushing  the  limits  of  design  by using  complex  shapes,  new  materials,  and  cutting edge processes. Locations of holes, slots, studs, and welding lines along with flush & gap of doors, hoods, deck lids, and other hangers need to be measured and monitored  throughout  the  assembly  process. These inspections ensure that vehicles are built within the ever more stringent  tolerances  set  by  automotive manufacturers.

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Nikon Metrology introduces the MV331/351 Laser Radar for large scale, automated, non-contact inspection. The Laser Radar provides a unique alternative to the shortcomings of the traditional inspection methods such as horizontal arms CMM or fixed inline camera systems. New usability features such as an integrated robot mount and removable air filters makes this system even better suited for robotized inspection on the shop floor enabling faster measurement of surfaces, sections and complex features.

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QMT Mar-Apr 2016

Nikon Metrology – QMT front cover March/April 2016