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WATCH: Nikon Auto MeasureEyes – Easy, automated video measurement

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Auto MeasureEyes is the latest imaging software available for iNEXIV VMA CNC Video Measuring Systems. It enables easy operation for anyone and measurement programs can be created with just a few clicks. Watch the new video below…



Benefits & features of Auto MeasureEyes:


Stitching is the bonding of multiple images. Entire images of large samples can be displayed by a stitching process, which can then be used for measurement.

One-click Measurement

Users can acquire highly precise results by clicking on measurement areas. Detailed settings are no longer required for Auto MeasureEyes

Easy programming/Reporting functions

Procedures taken to conduct measurement become the program itself, allowing users to repeat measurements by simply reloading the program. Measurement results can be exported as OK/No-Go reports.

Large stroke/Long working distance

Offers maximum stroke of 650 x 650 x 200 mm and 73.5 mm working distance (when using Laser AF 63 mm) to be applicable to various samples.



For more information, download the Auto MeasureEyes brochure.

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