Nikon Metrology

Nikon Metrology exhibits at the Medical Device and Manufacturing show

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At the MD&M East show this year, Nikon Metrology – Booth #1672, will feature the most complete and innovative metrology product portfolio, including:

130-inexiv-email.jpg  The iNEXIV Multi-Sensor Measuring System, a high-speed, fully-automated benchtop metrology and imaging system ideal for measuring dimensional features.
Nikon Metrology offers a complete product range for X-ray and Computed Tomography or CT inspection systems. These systems offer a non-destructive inspection method to visualize the inner side of test objects.
144-mm-200.jpg The MM-200 Measuring Microscope, a powerful toolmakers microscope ideal for measuring a variety of metal, plastic and electronic parts.
smz745t_ds.jpg The SMZ745 Digital Stereomicroscope System, a trinocular stereoscopic microscope ideally suited for observation and digital imaging. Featuring an impressive 7.5x zoom range. 

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