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Nikon Metrology announces new benchtop JCM-6000Plus NeoScope™

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The new benchtop scanning electron microscope, JCM-6000Plus NeoScope™, is designed to fulfill the diversifying needs of customers. The JCM-6000Plus is the third generation of the popular NeoScope benchtop SEM designed for convenience and ease of use. Nikon and JEOL have established a firm partnership in 2008 and this combination of experience and technology helps customers to obtain better insight in their products and finally increasing the daily productivity.

The JCM-6000Plus is equipped with the high-sensitivity semiconductor detectors found in high-end instruments, making it easy to acquire composition contrast information about the specimen, and enabling efficient analysis. The series continues to include the high-vacuum functionality and secondary electron detector, offering the ability to clearly observe fine structures on the specimen surface at high magnification.

Main features of the JEOL JCM-6000plus

  • Sleek exterior design with a compact footprint.
  • Touch panel allowing easy operation, and a full complement of automated functions.
  • Allows observation of secondary electron images under high vacuum conditions.
  • Improved image quality of backscattered electron images.
  • A wealth of optional functions available, such as element analysis.

Scanning electron microscopes are being utilized in an expanding range of fields, such as medicine, biology, nanotechnology, metals, semiconductors, and ceramics. In addition, the applications cover a wide spectrum, from basic research to quality control at the manufacturing site.

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