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QMT Magazine talks to Nikon Metrology CTO

Nikon Metrology

UntitledNikon Metrology aims to provide better and faster insights into product and processes through innovation as Filip Geuens, chief technology officer, explains.  By Brendan Coyne, QMT.

How has Nikon Metrology evolved since its acquisition by Nikon in 2009?  Filip Geuens, chief technology officer, CTO, for Nikon Metrology says the company has become stronger and more solid as a result of blending the innovative and dynamic atmosphere  of the metrology company with solid Nikon structures and through embracing a long term vision philosophy.

Synergies include the bundling of engineering capacities from Japan and Europe with best practices developed from Nikon standards. This delivers a significant technological advantage as Nikon is a major technology company, with extensive research and engineering capabilities.  These include Nikon’s Core Technology Center and, of course,   Nikon’s leading edge optical technology.

“Since 2009, Nikon Metrology has experienced  a more than doubling of organic sales growth  (by a factor of  2.5),  outpacing market growth i.e. taking market share. The product line that is performing best is that of X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT).” says Filip Geuens.   “Overall employment has expanded from 420 people to about 550”.

One reason why the company is outperforming the market is that it provides value for the customer: being part of a large and stable Nikon organization, investments by customers in Nikon Metrology products are  seen as future-proof. With global supply chains and multi-national/multi-plant manufacturing, customers, large or small,  have support from a worldwide organisation.

Another key driver for success is the introduction of  innovative products through continually pushing at the  boundaries of today’s technology. A good example, and  a first fruit of the cooperation with Nikon Japan, is  the Digital LC15Dx CMM laser scanner, which captures complex surfaces and feature geometry in a single scan. Thanks to solid state laser scanner technology, an innovative calibration method and high quality Nikon lens, the LC15Dx achieves a probing  accuracy of 2.5µm and a multi-stylus test accuracy of 6µm in tests comparable to EN/10360-2 and -5.

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