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Nikon Metrology presents latest innovations at the International Control Show

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CONTROL 2013, the international trade fair for quality assurance will be the venue for releasing new inspection solutions within the extended Nikon Metrology product portfolio. With the introduction of the MCT225 HA, Nikon Metrology provides high accuracy Metrology CT for a wide range of sample sizes and material densities. In the field of CMM inspection, Nikon Metrology presents the ALTERA ceramic bridge CMM with multi-sensor CAMIO software. Another breakthrough is the NEXIV VMZ-R4540, a next-generation CNC Video Measuring System. Another reason to visit the Nikon Metrology booth is the premium range of microscopy solutions, including the brand new SMZ 25 & SMZ 18 and the BW-S50x surface profiler featuring picometer height resolution.


Absolute accuracy for Metrology-CT

The new MCT225 HA combines more than 95 years of Nikon experience in optical metrology, 50 years of LK experience in CMM metrology and 25 years of X-Tek experience in Computed Tomography (CT). MCT225 HA – the most accurate in its class – provides high accuracy Metrology CT for a wide range of sample sizes and material densities with 3.8+ L/50 µm MPEl accuracy in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2630 guideline. All internal and external geometry is measured efficiently in a single non-destructive process. A full 3D visualization of the sample volume additionally provides valuable insights into part deformations and internal structural integrity.


Multi-sensor ALTERA CMM for best-in-class combination of productivity and flexibility

The new ALTERA range of bridge coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) have been developed to meet the varying needs of manufacturers, both today and in the future. Improved productivity, enhanced metrology and greater flexibility are the hallmarks of this new generation of premium quality CMMs from Nikon Metrology, notably the first from Nikon Metrology with the Nikon insignia. Combined CAMIO and a wide range of tactile and optical sensor, this range of highly accurate CMMs truly supports multi-sensor measuring applications.


NEXIV VMZ-R4540 CNC Video Measuring System

This next-generation NEXIV system aims at fast and accurate measurement of the dimensions and shapes of high density and multi-layered electronic components.

In recent years, accurate measurements of advanced products (i.e. smartphones and tablets) and high-speed image processing technology for mass production have become a standard inspection operation.

Utilizing optical measuring technology and image processing, the CNC Video Measuring System automatically measures the dimensions and shapes of electronic components.


SMZ 25 & 18 high-end stereoscopic microscope – A giant leap forward  in microscopy

The SMZ 25 and 18 are revolutionizing stereomicroscopy with their unique zoom range, along with modularity, comfort and ultra-high-performance optics. These new SMZ  cover a wide range of functionality, from basic stereoscopic images of unparalled quality to the most sophisticated observation. An innovative optical system known as “Perfect Zoom Optics” provides the world’s first zoom ratio of 25:1. Even with a 1x objective lens, the SMZ25 captures the entire 35mm dish and simultaneously delivers microscopic details.


BW-S50X provides ultra-high vertical resolution of 1 picometer

BW-S50X series measure surface profiles from sub-nano to millimeter height ranges speedily and accurately. BW series are available with optical microscope such as LV150N,  MM800,  L300N,  CM10.




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