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Rapidform to Interface Directly with Nikon Metrology Handheld Laser Scanners

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Nikon Metrology introduces its range of handheld 3D laser scanning solutions integrated into Rapidform XOR/Redesign and XOV/Verifier software. This solution enables design and manufacturing professionals to take full advantage of using premium Nikon Metrology scanners in combination with leading 3D point cloud analysis software to tackle reverse engineering or inspection tasks. Thanks to the new application programming interface (API), it becomes very straightforward for 3rd-party software vendors such as Rapidform to integrate Nikon Metrology 3D laser scanning.

Seamless integration for unmatched user experience

Collecting geometry data with Nikon Metrology’s leading-edge laser scanners is now easier than ever for Rapidform customers. Completely transparent to designers and manufacturers using Rapidform XOR/Redesign, the most comprehensive scan-to-CAD reverse engineering software and XOV/Verifier, the CAD-friendly inspection software, the Focus Handheld Scanning API manages point cloud acquisition by controlling all interaction between the ModelMaker laser scanners and handheld localizer of choice. As it handles all interfacing with the scanner, such as scanner parameter modifications or running a qualification routine, the API ensures the highest accuracy and reliability of the acquired data. The resulting point cloud data is fed directly into the Rapidform application in real time, ready for further processing.

Calvin J. Hur, CEO for INUS Technology Inc., remarked: “We’re very pleased to enhance our relationship with Nikon Metrology. By joining forces with Nikon Metrology, Rapidform offers designers and manufacturers the possibility to drive all handheld Nikon Metrology 3D scanners from XOR/Redesign and XOV/Verifier. Their favorite software environment allows them to acquire 3D scan data, and immediately run geometric inspection or directly create native, editable CAD models for reverse engineering purposes. Through our partnership with Nikon Metrology, a market leader in 3D scanning hardware, we are offering best-in-class reverse engineering, inspection and other engineering solutions to high-end customers worldwide. This further extends Rapidform software to support the sophisticated needs of high-end customers in automotive and aerospace industries.”

Rapidform XOR/Redesign is the only 3G (third-generation) reverse engineering software in the world. It is unique in the sense that you can collect data with any Nikon Metrology 3D scanner of choice and quickly create editable, parametric solid models of virtually any physical object. These models can be transferred from XOR into popular CAD applications with complete feature trees intact. This means that – unlike second generation reverse engineering software – the models from XOR are editable just like any other part designed in CAD. XOR, paired with a Nikon Metrology 3D scanner, is simply the fastest, most accurate way to create a design model of a real-world object that is ready for manufacturing.

API supporting MMDx scanner and MCA II arm

The Focus Handheld API supports Nikon Metrology’s latest-generation handheld scanning solution: the MMDx digital laser scanner on an MCA II articulated measuring arm. It also supports this scanner in combination with the K-Series Optical CMM as well as 3rd‑party measuring arms such as Romer/Cimcore and Faro. Nikon Metrology’s digital laser scanners offer superior optical and digital technology, translating into higher accuracy, automatic laser intensity adaptation and faster data acquisition.

With the new API, it becomes very straightforward for 3rd-party point cloud software vendors to integrate Nikon Metrology 3D laser scanning. This offers design and manufacturing engineers fast-lane access to world-class laser scanning, while enjoying the convenience of the point cloud engineering environment they know inside out.