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WATCH: semi-automated CT inspection reduces operator involvement

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In a production environment where fast inspection tact-time is required, semi-automated CT inspection systems are a solution that leave only one manual task involved with CT inspection; part handling. Parts can be loaded by the operator individually or as a rack of multiple parts that are loaded individually to the CT scan position by an internal loading system. 

Watch the video below to see how semi-automated sample loading increases CT inspection productivity…





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An important challenge to manufacturers is to increase product quality, which can be achieved through 100% part inspection. Traditionally, X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) has been a valuable tool mainly used in research or prototyping labs to evaluate failures or spot defects; a proven engineering tool that was generally considered as too slow to be used on a production line.

However, recent advances in high-flux rotating targets for X-ray sources, coupled with easy automation of CT scanning and analysis techniques allow samples to be scanned, reconstructed and evaluated in time measured in minutes with micron accuracy. This opens the gate to a broad span of automation inspection applications, varying from simple pass/fail inspection to semi-automated ct inspection and full in-line automated CT inspection with feedback to the production process.

By communicating with production databases the CT system can automatically recognize the part to be inspected, and adjust all parameters accordingly, further removing possible operator error. Inspection results can be written back to the database for further analysis or to preserve data history.



  • Custom, simplified user interface (UI) guides the user through the complete process
  • Basic operator skills needed
  • Part identification by bar or QR code reader
  • Integrated with manufacturing database
  • Repeatable process
  • Process control (SPC)


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