Nikon Metrology

Technology Lecture on High Energy Computed Tomography (CT) Development and Applications


Nikon Metrology’s Andrew Ramsey will be giving a lecture at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology on March 4, 2010 from 9:45-11:30am at the SIMTech training room, level 3.

Abstract: Microfocus X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) is a non-destructive technique for creating highly detailed 3D computer models of the interior structure of objects. This allows accurate dimensional measurements to be made as well as the study of density variations, cracks, voids and other defects within the scanned objects. Recent advances in high voltage and high power X-ray source technology have reduced scan times and allowed larger denser objects to be inspected. The use of graphics card computing power has dramatically reduced CT reconstruction time. 2D fan-beam CT, used for highly scattering and diffracting samples, allows samples which cannot be scanned using 3D cone-beam CT to be inspected. Nikon Metrology has many years of experience in this field and offer a range of CT systems covering a size range from the sub-micron to over half a metre. Some practical examples of the use of microfocus CT in the automotive and aerospace industries will be presented, together with some interesting examples from other fields. This lecture is co-organised by Nikon Metrology and Crest Innovation (S) Pte Ltd.

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