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WEBINAR: X-ray inspection of PCBs – Dec 6th & 13th 2017

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In collaboration with SMTA, Nikon Metrology contributes to a series of upcoming webinars concerning X-ray inspection for printed circuit boards. Kamran Iqbal of Nikon Metrology, an expert on the subject will discuss with X-ray researcher, Bob Wetterman of BEST Inc., a contract rework and repair facility in Chicago.

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Who should attend?

  • SMT assembly process engineers and technicians responsible for production or new product introduction processes
  • SMT quality personnel interested in helping improve end-of-line yields and identifying root causes of failures
  • OEM supply chain engineers responsible for supporting and/or assessing SMT assembly contractors
  • Engineers and technicians just entering the SMT field who want to master the science and art of x-ray inspection




With the ever increasing trend towards miniaturization and the use of components with non-visual inspect able criteria, X-ray as QC tool is becoming a necessity even to the Tier 1 PCBA assembly area. Devices with pads underneath the device such as QFNs, LCCCs and LGAs have become the most placed component body style.

Without x-ray the inspection and quality inspection cannot be made. Couple this to other devices such as traditional BGAs and ever finer-pitch connectors and the need for x-ray imaging augmenting optical inspection is getting to be a necessity. Even older throughhole devices, with lead-free solders and large thermal masses will test the ability to create proper hole fill. Verification of this hole fill becomes increasingly necessary.


What can I expect to learn?

  • Understand the most important specifications in procuring a modern x-ray machine
  • Understand how x-ray inspection is used to inspect a variety of electronic component body styles including leadless devices, area array devices, high density connectors, throughhole connections and standard SMT components
  • Understand how x-ray inspection is used for inspection, defect analysis and troubleshooting in the SMT process
  • Understand how industry standards tie in with the use of x-ray inspection




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