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Celebrating World Radiography Day

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World Radiography Day is celebrated every year, on November 8th. It marks the significant discovery of x-radiation made by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895. The benefits of his discovery and the resulting technology are relied upon globally today.

Radiography is an imaging technique which uses X-radiation or X-rays (also known as Röntgen rays) to see the inside of objects, both living and inanimate. The technology has been applied for many requirements all around the world, most commonly in hospitals for medical diagnosis. X-ray technology has saved lives, and it has been a vital technology for a long time, but more and more applications for its unique insight are being discovered all the time. There are many variations and adaptations of the technology, all honed for particular applications and requirements.

Nikon Metrology’s industrial Computed Tomography systems, make use of X-ray technology and introduce this unparalleled insight into industrial applications and manufacturing environments. Nikon’s systems have been used for ultra-insightful inspection of life critical components throughout medical, automotive and aerospace industries, and from historical research for geologists and palaeontologists, to institutes and universities studying green energy resources.

To celebrate World Radiography Day, Nikon’s X-ray specialists have shared some of their favourite images which have been created using X-rays. Take a look at the gallery below (click to view full image).





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