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X-ray CT: a powerful partner in the 3D printing revolution

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X-ray computed tomography is the optimal solution for non-destructively assuring geometrical and tolerance quality control. Here you can read more about what Nikon CT experts Andrew and Herminso have to say on the matter.


X-ray CT reveals the porosity of the blade.


More and more manufacturers expect that within three to five years, 3D printing will be used in high-volume production. Introducing components at a lighter weight, without compromising strength, metal printed parts offer many significant advantages.

In the recent Quality Magazine article, Nikon Metrology CT specialists Andrew Ramsey and Herminso Villaraga-Gomez discuss the need for a reliable inspection method, and how X-ray CT can provide that.

In the chaotic manner of the 3D printing process, the position and nature of defects are completely random. However, peace of mind can be assured with a few simple radiographs to reveal any internal defects, porosity, contamination or cracking. Micro CT is now much faster and more suitable for production-line use. Moreover, CT scanning of similar parts can be automated for loading and unloading. Scan times down to a few tens of seconds per part are possible.

Benefits of micro CT for additive manufactured (AM) parts:

  • Better insights into the inside of AM parts
  • Faster optimization of the AM prototyping and production processes
  • Quality control – much higher confidence in incoming and outgoing parts
  • Reduced costs by avoiding destructive testing

To read the full Quality Magazine article, click here.

In a recent study conducted by Herminso Villaraga-Gomez, the viability of X-ray CT for inspection of additive manufactured parts was tested. Take a look at the paper in our previous post to find out the results.

Follow Herminso’s work at ResearchGate here.



Find out more about the Nikon Metrology X-ray CT systems here.

If you are manufacturer of components or assemblies incorporating plastics, metals, ceramics, electronic components or any combination of these, Nikon Metrology has in-house Inspection centers to perform X-ray and CT contract inspection services for new or existing clients. To get in touch with one of our CT specialists, click here.